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We are a multinational team with experience in traditional and digital media, developing and generating brands, platforms and content since 2008.

What do we do at Medialabs?

Today we create, produce and distribute content for the online and broadcast world. We build communities from the ground up based on our client’s needs.We have pooled the best pioneering talent, with the commitment to break ground in the industry of media in digital communications. All the time looking for creative ways to maximize the generated outcome.

Audiovisual production

· Live multi camera and traditional filming.
· Live streaming of events.
· Development or assistance in creating programming.
· International production services
· Corporate video and video marketing.
· Voice over recording for video and radio.
· Full post-production services.

Web & Social Media

· Web creation and maintenance.
· Hosting and SEO services.
· Web and Social Media graphic design.
· Social Media Manager (SMM)
· Community Manager (CM)

Mobile Apps

· iOS native development (iPad, iPhone).
· Android native development (Smartphones y Tablets).

Content production

· Written and video content generation.
· Script development for audio-visual productions.
· Infographics and corporate presentations.
· Newsletters.


Our team, lead by Christopher Woodhams, Matthew Woodhams and Felipe Ovalle, come from a multi-disciplinary environment. All in areas such as production, television, digital media and communications.

Matthew Woodhams

Christopher Woodhams
Content Producer

Based in London, Christopher specializes in live multicamera filming, having worked on a wide variety of music, theatre and sporting productions in addition to his work on documentary and corporate productions. Christopher also oversees bilateral productions for crews travelling from Europe to shoot in Chile and South America and vice versa. His in depth knowledge of both production environments proves vital for the smooth running of international shoots.

Matthew Woodhams

Felipe Ovalle
Content Director

Multimedia Communicator. Host and producer of OhMyGeek! TV and Radio show. Tech expert. Host in medias such 13C Channel and TXS Radio, in addition to work as tech consultant for companies. Speaker about new technologies and others.

Matthew Woodhams

Matthew Woodhams
Project Director

More than 9 year of experience in digital business. Winner of the contest «Jóvenes con Éxito» of Diario Financiero. Co-Founder of the company Multimedial (2009-2012) and Medialabs. Matthew is also an advisor in start-up projects.

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